Who We Are

Lead Generator. We Started It for Businesses Like Yours.


Acquiring leads while seeing to your ROIs is tough, consumes allot of effort and resources.  Lead Generation can be complicated and costly when you're going about it on your own.


Rather than spend your time on traditional and online advertising to generate demand for your business, wouldn't it be better if you could just focus on what you do best? Relying on us to focus on what we do best: lead generation.

Lead Generator is a frontrunner in online web marketing services for the UK. Founded in 2000 following the explosion of of the internet world, came the relisation that we could harness the power of online media to bring companies like yours high quality and fully qualified leads.


Now we generate around £2 million of business per week for our partner network, our leads fall into about 12% of the product value giving partners a turbo boost with increased sales and profit. Powered by the Internet and the people who use it, lead generator provides your business the boost it needs to achieve success no matter what.


Let us help you fill your sales pipeline with prescreened and quality leads.

Our Vision


Our vision is for our partners to have a never-ending source of high-quality leads that keep their business alive and adding value for growth. Get a slice of your rightful market share or dominate it completely through Lead Generator.


Customer acquisition has never been this easier.